Sewing Classes

Gabriella has begun offering weekly sewing lessons at the Boys and Girls Club in both their Newburgh and Poughkeepsie, New York, locations. during the STAR program, held every Saturday night from 4 to 11 pm.  This program is a drop-in session for children ages 7 to 21 and offers a fun, safe environment for them to socialize and experience different activities.

Learn to Sew!

Not only is sewing an important life skill, but it can inspire great creativity!  It can improve a child’s ability to follow directions, but also his or her ability to go outside of those directions in order to make a project work.  Sewing can pave the way for the engineers of the future!

Here’s why:

Not all children (especially girls) have the opportunity to play with toys that allow them to develop spatial skills by assembling three-dimensional items.  Girls have been known to have a particular disadvantage in this area, which is why we need to get them sewing!  Sewing is the creation of a three-dimensional product, by putting together two-dimensional shapes.  As in engineering. you have to come up with a concept, its purpose and visualize the final product!

Sew Stressed?

When is the last time you heard the sound of a sewing machine?

Believe it or not, it’s quite soothing!

Sewing together is a great way to relieve much of the anxiety that young people are experiencing today.  There’s nothing better than sitting around the table and chatting away with friends while you make something useful and appealing that can solve a problem, make life more beautiful, help others—or do all three!

Sadly, sewing lessons are out of reach for many young people.  There are not many establishments that offer sewing classes and those that do require you to bring your own machine and then charge for materials in addition to the cost of the lesson itself.  This can be quite expensive and unattainable for many families in today’s economy–as are many other extracurricular activities.

Luckily, through the generosity of our supporters, Sew Kind is able to offer free sewing lessons on a limited basis for children, ages 10 and up.  Space is limited, with dates, times and locations to be determined.

Please contact Gabriella at 914-538-4924 for more information.