Our Projects
Girl Scout Gold Award

Gold Award Project

In Partnership with Girl Scouts of the Hudson Valley.

The Mask Project

Some of us still need masks, and we can help!

Cosies for Cancer Patients

Patients undergoing Chemotherapy and other infusions need to feel the warmth of our effort!

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Sewing Machine Gifting Program

Sew Kind gives sewing machines to those with potential!

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Sew Kind is the invention of Gabriella Rado, a teenager from New York’s Hudson Valley, who got the itch to sew when she was just 4 years old.  Santa brought her a sewing machine one Christmas and when her Mom (who could barely sew on a button herself) searched for a local sewing school, she was told that her daughter was too young to take lessons….so they waited.   The day Gabriella turned eight- years- old, her mother enrolled her at a local sewing machine shop where she took lessons and attended summer sewing camp.  By divine intervention and a chance meeting, she also met Debbie Fela, a local artist and heirloom sewer, who began mentoring her.


Sew Kind fulfills its mission through the
kindness and generosity of its supporters.
There are many ways you can help keep
our charitable projects going!

Some of Our Projects